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Made with a top quality-blend of organic mushrooms and superfoods, Day Spectrum is the only all-in-one coffee & pre-workout alternative ever created.  Start your day or your workouts with boosted immunity and improved focus without the jitters or crash from traditional coffee.

Break Through
with a Better Brew

Energy without the crash

Sleep better, feel better, and feel confident knowing you’ve made a healthy choice and a great first step into achieving the healthiest version of yourself. Elevate your energy, mood, and gains with Day Spectrum in your health regime.

super stamina


sharper focus


mushroom powered


A Dose of Nature’s Radiance

Reclaim your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Day Spectrum features a synergistic mix of six different mushrooms, Arabica coffee and our supplement blend – ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, MCT powder and coconut milk powder.  Say goodbye to regular coffee, unhealthy energy drinks and pre-workouts and hello to a top quality blend with a full spectrum of benefits to power your day or your fitness routine. No need to chase your health and fitness goals, start achieving them with Day Spectrum.

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The Mix of Six

by PeakO2


Achieve the healthiest version of yourself with Day Spectrum!

Lion’s Mane

Memory Support and Focus


Sleep and  Stress Support


Calm Energy & Stamina

Turkey Tail

Prebiotic and Immune Support


Heart Health and Inflammation Support

King Trumpet

Supports Healthy Skin & Hair

Why Day Spectrum?

A full spectrum of benefits to better your health

Energy Without the Crash

Regular coffee is great, but Day Spectrum v1.0 is even better because we thoughtfully combine Arabica coffee with PeakO2®, ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, MCT powder, and coconut milk powder that will sustain your energy levels throughout the day and mitigate the crash from traditional coffee.

Rejuvenate your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our supplement coffee mix is rich with adaptogens and nootropics that will keep you healthy and sharpen your mind – reap the benefits by adding 1 scoop to 8 oz of water and enjoy as is or simply add your choice of sweetener, creamer, or any plant-based alternative (decrease or increase dose depending on desired caffeine level or activity).

A Better Brew

Each cup of Day Spectrum serves as a tasty, sugar free, all-in-one alternative to regular coffee, energy drinks, and pre-workouts that will naturally increase your energy, elevate your mood, improve focus and improve the quality of your workouts.  The highlights of PeakO2® mushrooms created by Compound Solutions include: 

  • Backed by scientific evidence and patent pending from clinical trials conducted at UNC Chapel Hill, PeakO2 is proven to increase VO2 max levels and lactic acid thresholds after 4 weeks of supplementation.
  • Increases oxygen uptake and improves oxygen utilization – PeakO2® is beneficial for both weightlifters and endurance athletes.
  • Better than beta-alanine at improving performance.

Elevate your gains and give back

Veteran owned and USA made

Care for yourself, and those who served. A percentage of all sales go to fight veteran homelessness & PTSD treatment.


Hi, my name is Mike, founder of Prism Potion.  A few years after leaving active duty in the Marine Corps, I started adding functional mushrooms to my diet and morning coffee to boost my immune system, around the same time the DoD and the national news outlets started reporting on thousands of contractors and service members who were exposed to burn-pits – toxic fields where chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear waste was burned and disposed of haphazardly on forward operating bases across the middle east.

Aside from using functional mushrooms to boost my immune system after exposure to the burn pits, I also added mushrooms to my diet to boost my fitness regimen as an avid endurance sports enthusiast, at times running upwards of 40-50 miles a week and combining HIIT to supplement my cardio regimen.

My mission is to continue to build awareness about the burn pits and share the benefits I discovered by adding mushrooms to my diet, which has taken my physical fitness and overall wellness regimen to the next level.  We shouldn’t stand idle when we have the power to build awareness and effect change, and there is no need to chase our health and fitness goals when we can start achieving them.

Customer Testimonial

“I’m a school teacher and working with young kids can be alot to keep up with, which doesn’t include the admin stuff in the evenings.  Great sustained energy – just a little creamer and I’m set.”

Christine V. 

“I tried Prism because I train in MMA most days before work.  It’s not your regular mushroom coffee – I can train longer and at higher intensities.  The ashwagandha and rhodiola make me feel fantastic during the day and helps mitigate the crash from traditional coffee, not to mention the PeakO2 mushrooms with the science to back it.  Definitely a new staple for me, before training in the morning and once I get to my desk at work.

Ryang R. 

“I have tasks constantly coming my way and often times I’m juggling several things.  Most days I also train at a gym and I have noticeably improved focus both at the gym and at work, feeling stronger and in a better mood. 

Max C. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our #1 priority is your happiness. We stand behind our formula and its ingredients 100%, but if you’re not satisfied or have a problem with our product, we will solve it. Just reach out and we’ll make it right. We aren’t just here for your health – were here for your happiness.

Upgrade your daily brew. Our powder blend has six powerhouse mushrooms & instant coffee—each cup of Day Spectrum is like an elixir to boost your energy, elevate your mood, & help improve your focus.